Americia Weber

My friends call me Ricia (pronounced "reesha") for short. Here's how I look in my November 2006 school photo:

With David at the Hershey amusement park in May 2015.

At the Erie Maritime Museum in February 2014.

Showing off new car in November 2011.

Here I am, in September 2006 at a Phillies game.

In August 2003, we went to southern California to see baseball, the World Gymnastics Championships, and other sights:

In April 2002, we traveled to Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to see the industrial heartland:

In August 2001, I traveled to Africa for two weeks with my father, stopping in Cairo first, then Kenya. Here's a page with photos and description of that trip.

In April 2000, we went to Washington, DC, with my friend Sarah:

More stuff about me coming soon to this page!

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